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   Brian has also trimmed and removed hundreds of trees that were situated in live power lines.  This requires the highest degree of competence in the arboriculture industry.  (For more information on utility tree trimming see the Helpful Links option)
 Other things we do:     Brian has established a beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce orchard at his parent’s farm. Using pedigree seed from the federal tree improvement program, these trees are magnificent in form and a dark blue colour.  If you see an outstanding blue coloured spruce in your neighbourhood in Winnipeg, it may have came from Brian’s orchard as he sells these trees to the consumer market in Manitoba. (For more information on the Federal Tree Improvement Program in Manitoba, please see the Helpful Links option)  What we do not do !  Stevens Tree Specialists does not move or plant trees and shrubs. Sites that may be referred to for these services can be found in the Helpful Links section