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   Stevens Tree Specialists will expertly and professionally provide the following services.
- Free estimates (fill out online form or contact us) - Free firewood cut up from your job site - Tree and Shrub removal - Stump removal - Dutch Elm disease identification     (for more information on this disease please view                  the Helpful Links option) - Disease, pest, nutrition and plant health care consultation, including remedies and appropriate applications    (for more information on Manitoba pests see Helpful     Links option) - Spraying of trees and shrubs - Emergency storm damage work - Tree risk assessments - Superb job site cleanup - Tree bracing and support
  These services are provided both residentially and commercially.  For example, the company will bid on contracts for real estate developers and agencies and various City of Winnipeg and Government of Manitoba contracts.     The owner of Stevens Tree Specialists has personally removed a large elm growing so close to the house that the eaves were built around the massive tree trunk.  This was accomplished with a 60 foot over center articulating bucket truck and the assistance of a crane and an expert climber.  The tree was removed with zero damage to the customers’  property.  The images on the right illustrate how this was performed.
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