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Stevens Tree Specialists is a Winnipeg grown family business that serves cottage country, the beaches, rural areas, and the city of Winnipeg. The companies motto is “Experts in Vegetation Management” and its signature move is the ability to produce outstanding high quality work with minimal supervision and superb efficiency.  Stevens Tree Specialists has between one and four full time, seasonal or part time employees ,some have specialized training, for example with Emerald Ash Borer injections.

Our Story

Brian George Stevens is the owner and C.E.O. of Stevens Tree Specialists. Brian has worked as a fire ranger, park interpreter and engineering aide for the federal and provincial governments. As a professional arborist, the following licenses, certifications, and qualifications are held:

Our Approach

- Certified Manitoba arborist

- Certified Utility Tree trimmer

- Certified Manitoba Pesticide applicator

- Diploma in Environmental Science

- Course certfication in parks management

- Course certification in Botany

- Course certification in habitat management

- Course certification in forest management

- Certified Provincially (Manitoba) in essentials of supervision

- Course certification in St. John Ambulance (CPR level C)

Our Story


Brian stevens


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Brian’s career years break down as follows.
- 15 years in agriculture          
- 5 years in provincial forestry          
- 21 years arboriculture

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This website highlights many of the more common services we provide. Contact us for all your tree and shrubbery concerns.